Alia Khan

Pakistani drama singer
fashion icon of Pakistan
Young singers of Pakistan

Alia Khan honoured Award, That really make her a truly deserving iconic Singer..!

  Nobody needs to be told who she is. Alia’s vocals and charisma have won over audiences everywhere from the iconic OST i.e. Pyaar Kay Sadqay for Hum Network.The singer, however, has become quite famous since breaking into the entertainment industry. After singing most trending and versatile songs, Alia Khan was nominated in PISA 2021 Awards for best OST singer of the year. As you know, Alia Khan, well-known Pakistani singer who sang many trending songs with her own platforms and for productions. In 2021, when the PISA 2021 was going to held in DUBAI, Alia Khan, a youngest artist was nominated as the best singer on viewer’s choice and honoured with the award in PISA 2021.    

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