Alia Aesthetic n Salon

Alia Khan shows positive response if she will offered to sing PSL 8 Anthem

Alia Khan shows positive response if she will offered to sing PSL 8 Anthem Pakistan music legend Alia Khan expresses her positive thoughts in the private interview about the anthem of upcoming PSL (Pakistan Super League) season 8. “Would you like to sing and compose the anthem of PSL 8”, questioned by interviewer. Alia replied […]

Pakistani Singer Alia Khan to travel Dubai for Concert

Pakistani Singer Alia Khan to travel Dubai for Concert Pakistani well-known singer Alia Khan have travel to Dubai for live and unique performance to enhance the lightning of the evening and praise the beautiful moments of welcoming new year 2023. She confirmed about this live concert. “I always love the amazing audience of Dubai and […]

Pakistani Singer Alia Khan loves Travelling

Alia Khan (AK) loves travelling & Exploring Alia Khan, music legend of Pakistan always loves to travel all around the world. She has a strong believe that this world is a place where human can find the creations of Allah and this world has created to observes & explore the nature’s creations.   More than […]

Biography of Alia Khan

Alia Khan Alia Khan is Pakistani and well-known playback singer. She is known for her vocal belting skills. Alia has given many brilliant song to Pakistani showbiz and drama industry. Passion and her motivation to become successful singer drives her towards on successful journey ahead. Wiki / Biography: Alia Khan was born in Karachi city […]

Alia Khan was on Chai Toast Show

Alia Khan was on Chai Toast Aur Host Show   Most talented Pakistani singer, Alia Khan was live on the one of the top rated show “Chai Toast Aur Host”.     Chai Toast is the morning show which is powered by DAWN News and hosted by Arooj Abbas. Alia Khan have discussed in the […]

Alia Khan Started her career from OST | Ishq Zahe Naseeb

First OST of Alia Khan One of the most talented and youngest singer of Pakistan, Alia Khan has started her career from the TV OST of Drama “Ishq Zahe Naseeb”.   Ishq Zahe Naseeb, one of the most top rated drama serial which is powered by HUM TV, produced by Momina Duraid and MD Production. […]

Articles of Alia Khan – Pakistani Singer

Articles of Alia Khan Alia Khan is one of the most prominent and famous Pakistani singer. There are so many website that has already shared  articles regarding Alia Khan’s journey, achievements, biography and songs. You can find here some of articles here. Poponable Alia Khan The Vocalist Of Pyaar Kay Sadkay Having […]

Alia Khan Honoured Award as Singer in PISA 2021

Alia Khan honoured Award, That really make her a truly deserving iconic Singer..!   Nobody needs to be told who she is. Alia’s vocals and charisma have won over audiences everywhere from the iconic OST i.e. Pyaar Kay Sadqay for Hum Network.The singer, however, has become quite famous since breaking into the entertainment industry. After […]

Alia Turkish SPA and Salon

By opening the first ever Turkish SPA and salon, Alia Khan has shown tremendous initiative. As everyone knows, Alia Khan is Pakistan’s most talented female singer. As her singing career has taken off, she has opened,Alia Turkish SPA and Salon the first establishment of its kind in Pakistan, offering traditional Turkish baths and other spa […]

Alia Khan as a Singer

Alia Khan is one of Pakistan’s most vibrant and diverse singers.“Music is my love, something I feel passionately linked to and obsessed with,” Alia Khan says. Alia Khan is an icon and one of the most versatile and entertaining artists of this time. She is a phenomenal singer, songwriter, and live performer with multiple statistic […]

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